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The Basics

First, this game was created by a few good friends who enjoy baseball and making things more interesting with a little humble competition.

This is NOT the traditional fantasy game where you choose players for any and every team. You play by choosing the TEAM which you are a fan. You choose among those players to achieve an in-game stat like getting a Hit or scoring a Run. The more picks you make correctly, the higher your point total. Simple right!! Stats are updated every few minutes so every inning gives you a chance to top the leaderboard.

FYI, end of the 5th is "our" honorary 5th inning MVP. When we have our watch parties, bottom of the board at the end of the 5th buys a round. That's just what we do. Heck, create your own leaderboard and have fun doing your own variation!


Create an Account

To get started you'll need a name so your friends will know who you are. You'll also enter an email address so you can get lineup updates. Yeah, teams submit starter whenever they want. The optional cell number can get you text updates for when lineups are set.


Choose your team or teams

Remember, this is not your typical fantasy league. You play by filling out lineups for your favorite team. Heck, it's the playoffs, choose all the teams and best your rival's fan base! I can think of nothing more demoralizing than seeing GoCubbies!! atop the leaderboard for the Royals!


Set your lineups

You have up until the official start time to set your lineups. Simply choose a player you think will achieve an in-game stat (Hit, Run, Home Run, etc.) and choose a player whom you want to be the MVP of the game. Sounds simple, right? Our twist, batters 7-9 earn double points.


Enjoy the game

Once the official game begins, we update the action every few minutes. You'll definitely want to keep tabs on the Leaderboards to see how well your picks compare to your friends and other fans.


Share the Love

Seriously, this game was put together by a few friends who love baseball. The more people who play, the better chance that this game gets noticed. The more it gets noticed, the more fun this game can end up being! If you do enjoy it, please share it with anybody and everybody!

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In the meantime, send us an email and let us know what you think of GameballMVP.